Other businesses have benefitted from Chris Martin and Genie Research Ltd‘s expertise in market research, insight and statistics. This is what they had to say in thanks.

What will your recommendation say?

Denise Turner
Then Managing Partner & Chief Insight Officer, Havas Media UK
Now Director of Insight, Newsworks

“Chris has been the perfect freelancer for our team, getting stuck in straight away to help us, with a great attitude and a calm approach. His analysis skills are very impressive, and the speed and accuracy of his work is fantastic. I have no hesitation in recommending Chris.”

Mark Fiander
Then Executive Director, The Money Advice Service
Now Vice President of Marketing, Global Analytics

“I had the absolute pleasure of working with Chris at the Money Advice Service. If ever there was a really taxing problem that required both superb problem solving and research skills, Chris was the person to take on the brief. He can absolutely be relied on to deliver not just data, but insight and recommendations that can drive strategic decisions. Chris’s work rate is incredible and he often delivered complete projects ahead of schedule. If anyone ever needs a powerful researcher I would have no hesitation in recommending Chris, unless I need him at the same time; he is the best I have ever worked with.”

Ben Marks
Managing Director, YouthSight
“Chris is a super-smart guy, diligent and very passionate about his work. He was a real asset to YouthSight when he worked here and we still miss his incredible Excel skills and his capacity to eke out both detail and colour from quantitative survey data. Chris has good client skills and is an all-round highly effective market researcher.”

Marlena Riabczyk
Then Research Director, SCB Partners
Now Audience Research & Analysis Director, NBCUniversal

“What I like most about working with Chris is that he can make even the most complex data simplistic by showing you an analogy from everyday life that immediately makes you say “of course”! He can easily turn numbers into stories, he’s smart, intelligent, detail-oriented and very dependable…when you ask him for something, you know it will get done in a timely manner. His professionalism as well as his good sense of humor make him a pleasure to work with. Highly recommend!”

Guy Shone
Then Head of Consumer and Market Insight, The Money Advice Service
Now Managing Director, Explain the Market

“Chris was a huge asset to the team. He has a brilliant analytical mind and when it comes to making sense of complex data – he is right up there with the best I have worked with.”

Lucy Sampson
Then Head of Sales, OnePoll
Now Business Development Director, 3Gem Research and Insights

“Chris has added great value to OnePoll. He is always a pleasure to work with, extremely reliable and understands our tight deadlines. He has a great ability to explain technical concepts to both clients and our team and can take a fairly vague brief from a client and turn it into a questionnaire that will be programmable and match the clients objectives. He also has the great blend of being both commercially focused and technical.”

Bill Doris
Then Head of Insight, Havas Media UK
Now Insight Executive Director, OMD

“We have worked with Chris on a number of different projects; most recently on a large quant research project involving specialised technical skills. Throughout all projects, Chris delivered an excellent, insightful service (on time and in budget!) Chris is enthusiastic, passionate, smart and can ably explain complex technical processes to colleagues and clients alike. Highly recommended.”

Oliver Conner
Then Head of Research Communities, OnePoll
Now Research Director, COIN Research

“Chris is my first choice when it comes to any research challenge. His methodology and questionnaire design are excellent, and he has an uncanny ability to describe the most complex of research concepts in everyday language. Partnering with Chris on any project is an absolute delight.”

Robert Williams
Then Customer Insight Manager, The Money Advice Service
Now Screening Manager, NHS

“I worked with Chris at the Money Advice Service, he was a fantastic asset to the team. Chris was always willing to help and offer ideas on a range of different topics and subjects. He has a great sense of humour and will support colleagues at every opportunity. He always delivers work on time and to standard.”

Jonathan Spence
Then Marketing Consultant, The Money Advice Service
Now Head of Marketing, National Landlords Association

“Chris combines good delivery with the ability to make things clear and straightforward.”

Veronica Beswick
Co-Owner, Yellow Brick Road Workshops
Owner, History Services
“Thanks for the excellent business advice and also for proof reading of our document; very speedily returned.”